TRO online training log on

edited December 2011 in TRO General Discussion
I'm using Windows XP Pro and IE8 and I cannot log on to the TRO Online Traning.  Everytime I go the URL it loads but with errors on the page and then it hangs.  I have to use Windows Task Manager to for a shut down.  Any advice?


  • Looks like this was due to an issue in a 3rd party library which was specific to legacy versions of IE. I've uploaded a fix that seems to work.

    That said, I strongly recommend switching to a newer browser. The training system should work in IE8, but it won't look as nice because IE8 doesn't support much of the eye candy that modern browsers support. IE8 is also much slower than alternatives. I recommend Chrome if you are an "average" user, or Firefox if you are a power user.
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