How do you do TRO with Wrike?

I have just discovered Wrike which works *very* well for the collaboration part of my business -- but I'm missing my TRO  [TRO: GTD-compatible system w/Covey principles] (was using Toodledo -which didn't work with  my clients so well).  According to your review Wrike works. for TRO (I can have my cake and eat it too...)

So.. what adaptations do I need to make?




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    Thank you for your question and your patience over the Christmas holiday. 

    Wrike is a tool we've been eyeing for awhile. It is possible to do the TRO Online Training with Wrike. It has good email and Outlook integration, but you'll have to make some adjustments to to use it for TRO.
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    IMPORTANT NOTE: We now have a full Wrike training for TRO in the TRO Online training system. Select Wrike as your task manager in your TRO training and follow those new instructions instead of the old instructions below.

    Coach's Review of Wrike

    Collaboration. Deep email integration. Excellent Outlook integration with their new Outlook pluigin. Team discussion and accountability support, including notification when tasks are completed. Anywhere access via the web. A lot of recent enhancements and UI improvements.

    1. TRO/GTD INBOX: You must create all new tasks in My Folders or they will bypass your Inbox. Do not assign to a folder or project when creating a task unless you are creating in a shared, regularly-checked task "bucket" folder for people to draw from as they have time.
    2. You cannot create "negative" filters, like "All tasks NOT in one of the following folders." This makes it tough to create a bulletproof Unprocessed tasks list.
    3. High price tag.
    4. iPhone and Android apps are brand new and very buggy. (However, support responds quickly. Stay tuned for fast improvements.)

    Wrike handles team collaboration, but we're hoping for a few more improvements soon: like the ability to create negative filters: all tasks NOT in a certain folder, for example, and we'd like advanced filters based on Importance.

    For our current recommendations for doing TRO with Wrike, see the TRO Online Training and select Wrike as your task manager tool. The training will step your through everything you need to customize to create a good TRO workflow in Wrike.

    ~Coach Nate
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