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I plan to do the TRO training after I return from a trip in two weeks. 

I'm trying now to figure out now which software will be right for TRO and for my needs. 

I don't use Outlook and have heard its not worth starting (which is good
because I'd rather not) and should look at Donedesk or ToodleDo.  My impression is that Donedesk is great for collabaration -- but what if I don't really do that very much?  Is it just the same as ToodleDo otherwise, but just has that extra capability?

Can I do the TRO training without using Outlook -- and is TROG dependent on Outlook?

Also, it is beneficial to check out the software (Donedesk, ToodleDo) before entering into the training -- or could it potentially be a waste of time/confusing possibly and not recommended?



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    First, you CAN get organized with TRO, even if you don't have Outlook and don't use the Trog Bar. The TRO training includes instructions for Donedesk, Toodledo, Nozbe, Things (Mac), and others. We can find a task manager that will work for you.

    Second, I need to know more about you in order to give a good recommendation. What kind of work do you do? How many hours are you working? Do you travel? What kind(s) of computer(s) and mobile device(s) do you have? Have you tried any software you liked? Have you already tried and failed to get organized? These are the kinds of questions I ask when someone calls the number at the top of the page (1-888-PRIACTA) so that I can help them get the best tool for their situation. The best thing you could do is just give me a call.

    To answer your question about Donedesk: Donedesk is not just about collaboration. It does TRO better than other task lists and requires little or no setup. In addition, you may be surprised how much "collaboration" you do or how much stress you could relieve by collaborating more. When you are waiting for someone else to finish their thing before you can start yours, when you delegate tasks you won't have time to complete, a quote from vendors/contractors, contracts from clients, even support issues, this is all collaboration. Request emails from Donedesk are transparent, meaning that when you send a task to a contact they mostly just see what you wrote. When they reply to the email, it gets added as comments attached to the task inside of Donedesk. That greatly reduces your email load and makes it easy for you to see a task's history, even if other people aren't using Donedesk. The program has similar functionality for reporting to supervisors who don't use Donedesk.

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