Trog Bar controlled environment, Outlook 2007

Considering TRO and Trog Bar, and recommending it to others, but our corporate Exchange environment is very specific.

  1. We use Outlook 2007 in cached mode (which produces .ost files), but cannot make .pst files for data loss protection reasons.  Can Trog bar work in these circumstances?
  2. I read one reference to the fact that Trog bar might start using its own local database.  We are subject to state privacy laws.  Would emails be copied into this Trog local database, and if so would they be encrypted?
  3. Related to both of these, what is the maximum .ost file size that you think you can reasonably support?  We have many that have multi gig files.

Thank you.


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    1) Cached mode is ideal. No problem for Trog Bar, and it works with .PST or .OST or both.

    2) Trog does not make any local database of its own except to store settings information. No task or email storage whatsoever. It reads the Outlook .OST files directly for all data access

    3) Trog uses the Miscrosoft MAPI interface for all of its data handling. If Outlook can handle it, Trog can handle it.

    One thing to watch out for in a corporate environment:

    4) Public folders. A few of these are fine for Trog, but if you have 3000 of them, tell Trog to ignore them entirely in the Options area. The Microsoft API access for these is very, very slow.

    Hope that helps.
  • Sorry, the previous comment was inaccurate on one technical detail, and that is the second database. Trog does create a second database for indexing purposes, because Outlook does not serve records over the MAPI interface nearly fast enough, and many of the more complex queries in Trog Bar cannot be indexed directly in Outlook. This index database does contain task titles and body text so they can be indexed for full text search, and the database file is not directly encrypted, although as a practical matter the encryption ost encryption, even on the "High Encryption" setting, is weak, and MS removed it in OL2007 recommending alternative encryption methods be used instead. The best way to encrypt your OST file is to use an encrypted file system (EFS), which is also an acceptable way to encrypt your Trog Bar index file (the only trick here is that the location of the index file can't be manually specified, so you'll either need the entire user data folder to be located on your EFS, or you'll need to create a symlink, for the Priacta App Data directory.
  • Thank you both for your responses.  It may seem like a minor issue, but it matters to those of us with regulatory and legal issues to deal with.

  • RE: Trog using its own database.
    The more we looked into this and the more we looked at where technology was headed, the more we realized that an online task manager was crucial. So we created Donedesk as a separate project.

    Trog still works, but Donedesk represents the first generation of Trog with its own database. Trog/Outlook sync to Donedesk are things we hope to add in the future.
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