Which software should I use?

C.K. asks:

 I have bought and used Priacta training for both RTM and Outlook. I'm looking at Nozbe now. Before I buy another training module for Nozbe, can you tell me if the training with Nozbe is significantly different from the RTM training with the tweaks you mention here?


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    In my opinion, Nozbe is better than RTM. (By "better" I mean "makes you more productive.") The TRO training for them is different, though not vastly different.

    But depending on your needs, Donedesk and Toodledo might be much more powerful tools for keeping you organized and saving you time.

    Your needs are the real question. Do you work from multiple computers? Do you work with other people? Do you manage other people? On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is an aesthetic interface? Do you travel or work in places that don't have an Internet connection? How often? Do you have a Smartphone? A tablet? You've used TRO in RTM and in Outlook. Do you prefer the priority-as-soft-scheduling or the date used to soft schedule? What is it about Nozbe that makes you consider migrating to it? What is it about RTM that you're tired of, that makes it not good enough?

    Knowing this will help me make a solid recommendation for you. If you want to call (1-888-PRIACTA) and talk about it, feel free. 

    ~coach nate
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