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I have three monitors.  I generally keep OUTLOOK on my middle monitor when working with email.  Trog bar can default it appears to either the left side of the left screen or right side of my rightmost screen.  Basically it appears to treat all three monitors as one continuous monitor.  I have an nvidia GeForce GTX 590 that runs the LCDs.

Is it possible to have the TROGbar as a floating palette rather than "locked" to the left or right?  I know I would lose the "hide" feature, but that's fine with me.  It's not convenient to have to work from the middle and drag things across two screens, nor would it be easy for me with my setup to move outlook to the left or right screen.

Thanks for any feedback.



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    Unfortunately, Trog Bar doesn't have a floating palette option.

    If that's inconvenient enough with your 3-monitor layout, you can still do a full TRO implementation (Total, Relaxed Organization time management system) using just Outlook tasks without Trog Bar. You'll need this to set it up: http://priacta.com/Training/troonline.php . Or you can get it with coaching for optimal results: http://priacta.com/Training.

  • Thanks.  Unfortunately I would need it to be floating.  Seems easy enough to fix-- I've done enough programming to know.  :)  Maybe an afternoon's effort for a programmer if they know the code.  Happy to beta test it... 

    It was not my preference, but I've gone back to ClearContext and the GTD system.  I did like some aspects of how TROG organized things for me.  Sadly, because of enterprise constraints, I am stuck with Outlook for the indefinite future...

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    I did like, however, that huge list of solutions you had compiled with all of the different task organization programs that seem to be available. That was very helpful.




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