CreateDispatch() failed w/error 0x800401f3

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Hi, i'm hoping you can help me out.  When attempting to open a task or email directly from my Trog Bar, I get the following error: CreateDispatch () failed w/error 0x800401f3.

I have restarted my computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TROG, and I have turned off beta and preview options.

I am using 32bit Outlook 2010.

I would appreciate any support you can provide.




  • Thanks for reporting this. We're checking with the developers on this and will get back with you shortly.
  • This error is caused by problems elsewhere on your system. It could be registry damage, or a software conflict, or a damaged Outlook installation. Some things you could try that might fix it include:

    This isn't an exhaustive list of all the possible solutions, but hopefully something on this list resolves the problem.

  • You can also do a rollback to the most recent System restore point (if you have a recent one) to reverse any changes to you system that caused the problem. 
  • Thank you very much!  Your direction that it is an issue with Microsoft Outlook prompted me to start there.  I simply did a repair of the installation and it worked great.  Everything is now working.  I appreciate your help.


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