Is there a way to look at all my incomplete tasks in alphabetical order in the Trog Bar. I know I can do this in Outlook Tasks, but since they do not include the emails I have saved into Trog, that list is incomplete.



  • Sorry, there isn't. Trog Bar auto-prioritizes your tasks instead.

    Fortunately, if you're using Outlook 2010 the search feature is very fast. Search in BOTH the Tasks and then in the [Action] email folder (or whatever email folder you are using for actionable emails.

    We actually recommend not using the Trog bar email-task feature. Instead, easily create new tasks from emails by dragging Outlook emails onto the Task icon in the left navigation bar. You can also automate that with a single keystroke by creating a Quick Steps option (see the Quick Steps region in the middle of the ribbon bar at the top of Outlook Email view).
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