Thinking about options for training

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I wonder if you can help/guide as I'm thinking about how this might all hang together.

My current device list that runs my work and non work life looks like this:

Laptop (locked down for addiitonal software) for work with MS Office but with internet access.
Macbook, Ipad and Android Phone for personal use

If I went for the online training to bring me up to speed, would something like toodledo do the job for me across all my devices or would I fall short somewhere - I'm particularly keen to have everything sync'd particularly to the ipad.


  • Toodledo is an excellent choice, it will work across all these devices. Toodledo has its own apps and syncs with a large number of 3rd party apps on iPad and iPhone. The online training will suggest apps that you can use and help you set them up. You can also see a list of the latest Toodledo apps here:
  • Thanks - training booked and under way :)
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