trog bar doesn't work with outlook 2013 preview -will it be upgraded ever?

I've tried to use trog bar with the new Outlook 2013 preview (fully installed, not click to run) but trogbar reports that this version of outlook is too new. Will this be addressed at some point or has all trog bar development ceased?
Thank you.


  • Trog Bar development has ceased for the foreseeable future. The current version of Trog Bar is quite stable for 32-bit versions of Outlook, and development has focused on the cloud with Donedesk, which handles deep delegation much better.

    You get excellent TRO results with Outlook 2010 by following the setup guidelines in TRO Online Training. We haven't created a setup for Outlook 2013 yet--we'll wait for the official release. In the meantime, chose Outlook 2010 as the task list tool and follow those instructions. Let us know here or in Comment inside the training if you see discrepancies. We'll make sure they are addressed in the new 2013 tool setup instructions. 
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