Outlook 2010 - tasks disappear

Does anyone have experience with   the following problems:

Problem 1. Upon completion of a taks a popup is prompted to save or discard the change.
I press Yes and then the taks / taskbar freezes and pops up again with the same popup and I have to click OK again.
Otherwise I will not be able to continue with my next tasks.

Problem 2: If outlook 2010 is not running (I use a local PST file) and I enter tasks in the TROGbar then the new task(s) are visible in the TROGbar
However when I open Outlook 2010 and go to tasks the TrogBar entered tasks are gone. As well surpizingly also in TrogBar itself.
Upside of TrogBar is that I do not have to open Outlook 2010 but if it let's my tasks vanish then it is not trust worthy.

Any help is appreciated


  • Things to check:

    Are you trying to use the 64-bit version of Outlook with Trog Bar? (Outlook menu > File tab > Help > About)
    64-bit Outlook does not work with Trog Bar.

    Try turning off other Outlook add-ins. There may be a conflict. (Outlook menu > File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage: Go... > Disable in there.)
    Disable anything you don't really need. The disable others one at a time to test and find the offender, if any. We've seen a few conflicts in our day.

    Create a video that shows the steps visually.
    Use Jing (free screen capture) utility or equivalent, upload to screencast.com or equivalent, and give us a hyperlink so we can see what you're seeing.

  • Hi,

    These are my answers:
    1. I am running 32 bit Outlook 2010

    2. turned off all add-ins and it works.

    will monitor the situation over the next days. Thanks for your assistance.
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