Trogbar & outlook 2010 - how can I see which tasks are scheduled in calendar


I've got a question in relation to the calendar and the tasks in Trogbar/OUtlook 2010.
I'm scheduling time to do tasks in the calendar, sometimes I schedule it immediately
when I create the task. However sometimes I do not do this.
Hence the question. How can I see which tasks are already scheduled and which are not?

Any help is appreciated.


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    In TRO Online Training we teach you how to flexibly schedule time for your the 30+ minute tasks/steps when you fully process them (not when you initially triage them). If you budget your time any other way, you won't be sure, so establish a routine to do it then and only then.

    However, people do forget sometimes, so Total, Relaxed organization has a backup for you. During your Daily Review you will verify that any 30+ min. tasks you scheduled for today have time budgeted in today's calendar. You will have your calendar in front of you already, so its hardly any extra work at that point. If you already scheduled some time on some other day, it doesn't matter--you'll need time budgeted for today to make things fit. If you have a duplicate appointment (rare) for these large tasks, it's not a problem. You'll notice them at the right time and handle it then. Try this approach and you'll be surprised how well it works.

    Remember: you only need to be as organized as necessary. More or less than that wastes your time.
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