I noticed, unless I missed it, that Asana isn't on your list. I've been trialing it the last several days and it seems quite good. To be most effective, would need to convince the very large Fortune 500  company I work for to use it but I'd like to give it a go and use TRO even if I use it as a standalone. 

Have you evaluated?


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    Yes. Asana is a big name and has had our attention. 

    Until recently, Asana couldn't handle some of the GTD and TRO views properly, so we couldn't add it here. It is essential to see all tasks for a single context across all projects in a single view. (If you watch the Asana "Getting Started with Project Management" video, they currently tell you at the end to "Make sure that each person can work off a single project or they won't be able to prioritize their tasks." Unacceptable.)

    Fortunately, they've already made some changes to work around that, so we're starting work on a beta version of TRO Online Training for Asana. You can currently do TRO Online Training for Asana by choosing the "Other task Manager" option, which gives detailed instructions for doing TRO with ANY task manager.

    However, as a guy who has evaluated MANY software programs over the years, I find Asana very hard to grasp. Expect confusion with your team unless they have some careful training. Something about the model is counter-intuitive. Sure, individual tasks are easy, but that's not what it's supposed to be about--it's supposed to make group work easier and intuitive, and it's falling way short for us so far. Seeing a holistic view across all projects is a struggle. A total view across workspaces seems impossible, so we're still unsure how our trainees can actually use workspaces.

    Maybe there's a single "aha" moment that we're missing, so please share your insights here! We'd like to have a workable TRO training for Asana as soon as possible.
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