Parent in Outlook task view?

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I see from a previous thread on project synchronisation that Trog Bar stores the task parent (or project child) on the task record and not in its own index.  What field does it use?  Does it link on the guid in EntryID? I'm trawling around in Outlook Spy trying to find the relationship but not having any luck.  I would like to include this in a custom task view with the objective of being able to write some VBA to synchronise project data across my add-ins.

Outlook 2010 (32-bit), Win 7 Pro (64-bit)

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    Trog Bar uses a complex structure that views are very unlikely to be able to handle, but you can try. Parent/child data is stored bi-directionally in complex collections contained in custom properties on both the parent and child records. It uses the LongTermEntryId when available, else the EntryId. The SearchKey is also used, since the EntryId (unfortunately) will actually change under a variety of conditions. If you dig around with MAPI Editor ( you should be able to find the custom properties. Not sure if Outlook Spy will show them or not.

    Trog Bar also creates a local db for indexing only (speed purposes)--if the index is deleted there is no loss of data, it just re-indexes when needed.
  • Thanks very much - I've got the forward and backward pointers on EID now, will add a couple of extra tasks and see if I can follow the rest of the linkage.
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