Tasks do not show up in hotlist for ToodleDo daily review

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Criteria for tasks to appear in my hotlist are noted as a) priority
of at least 1 Medium, b) a due date within the next 3 days or c) a
star. b) and c) are not an issue so we don't need to talk about those further. But, we are encouraged to use hard dates sparingly so that leaves a number of tasks that have a start(soft) date but no hard date. When I do my daily review, even though the start date has arrived(i.e. today) they are not showing up in my  hotlist. The reason I have discovered is that they do not meet criteria a) because nowhere in processing are we asked to assign a priority. The default is 0 and the only time we assign a priority is for  someday/maybe tasks which get a -1. Yet the hotlist criteria include a priority of medium 1. Either the instructions should require us to assign, or default to  a priority of 1 when processing, or criteria a) needs to be changed to 0. Please advise.


  • Excellent question.

    TRO for Toodledo gives you two hotlists: the built-in Toodledo Hotlist, and the TRO Hotlist in the saved search list. The built-in Hotlist is perfect for people with a lot of hard dates. The TRO Hotlist is better for folks with few hard dates, like you. Use that one and you'll get better results.

    Also, your 5-minute weekly review involves looking over the softdate-only tasks and making sure none of them are heating up. If so--if bad things are going to happen--then give them hard dates.

    Also, remember that "bad things" may include (depending on your personal workflow): embarrassment, lost opportunities because deadlines passed, broken commitments, etc. You can adjust what "bad things" means to you and therefore which tasks get hard dates. But you do NOT want all of your tasks to have hard dates. "When everything is important, nothing is important."

    N.B.: Priorities are only used for ordering your Do Today list, so they will only be set once the task is starred. Once starred, you MIGHT give them a higher priority to move them up the Do Today list. Once that happens they will remain on the built-in Hotlist even if you unstar them later.
  • Thank you for your very prompt reply! The distinction between the two hotlists was lost on me and clears things up immensely. The nice thing with the TRO hotlist is that it keeps things on there even if not starred once the start date has passed and simply assumes they have 'started.' That means if I miss a daily review , the tasks with a soft date for that day are still there the next day under the 'started' group.

    I am trying not to overuse hard dates as your program advises, but i see that they can/should be allocated when things overheat so a matter of balance.

    Thanks also for explaining how priorities should be used only with the do today(starred list) and not otherwise.

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