Installed Trog Bar but no [Action] folder

What the title suggests. I've installed the Trog bar and run the wizard (twice). The instructions suggest there should be a folder called [Action]. Is this something I'm supposed to add myself? 


  • I should also add that I'm on Win 7 64-bit with Outlook 2010 (32-bit).
  • Win 7 64-bit with Outlook 2010 (32-bit) should be just fine.

    In Trog Bar, click the [+] at upper right corner, select Profile and Folders. Scroll down until you see the [Action] folder--it may not be in the file area you are expecting. More than one [Action] folder may exist, and Trog Bar may be pointing to a different one than the one you are using.
  • Thanks. I guess I was confused as to whether I need to add a folder called [Action], or whether the tool adds it.
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