Using MyLife Organized to do GTD or TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization)

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Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) is like GTD but more effective and easier to use. Here is how to create a TRO workflow with MyLife Organized (MLO), a software-based task management system with mobile apps and cloud email integration.

MLO is a flexible application that you install locally, but you can run anywhere. It syncs tasks automatically between your apps, and it allows tasks to be sent to your task manager via email. TRO for MLO requires you to set up special views in MLO, but this process isn’t difficult.

1. Supports customizable task views
2. Mobile versions for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and PocketPC

1. The Need to click "Reset Settings" everytime a context list view is used or a filter condition is changed.
2. Needs familiarization and setup to effectively use with TRO.
3. Does not support collaboration.

How to Set up TRO with MLO
Train using TRO with MyLife Organized by following these guidelines:

1. In the TRO Online Training, select "Other task manager" to see detailed instructions and options for any task manager. (As you work through the training, you will choose the specific methods we're about the explain here.)
2. View to become familiar with using MLO and Download MLO's user guide here:
3. Remember (or print) this list of jargon terms, which will help you use MLO with TRO:

Context = Contexts (major, minor) are handled as filters. You can assign multiple Contexts for every task.
Soft date = start date + special views named: This Week, and This Month.
Hard date = due date.
Someday/Maybe = Assign a SM context
Do today = STAR a DO Today task
Unprocessed List = A special view named "Inbox"

4. You'll need to setup your Unprocessed list before you start using MLO.  I suggest creating a view named "Inbox" set to show tasks with no start and/or due dates.
5. We also suggest special contexts and corresponding saved views for your soft dates (This Week, Next Week, This Month, Next Month, SM).
6. For your daily review, create a special view named "All Tasks" showing tasks with or without contexts, and look at all tasks with a DUE DATE of today or earlier. Any tasks you must do today, click on the star icon to mark them as DO Today. See setup instructions below.
7. For your weekly review, create a special view named "Backlog" showing all Backlogged tasks.  Look at your backlogged tasks using this view. Also, add steps to your weekly review calendar appointment to move Next Week tasks to This week, etc. See setup instructions below.
8.  Learn to use different views in the view menu, including setting up views.

Creating custom views
1. Click the center menu and select Manage ToDo Views...
2. Click New.
3. Press Enter.
4. Click Close.
5. At the left side of the screen, select your new view's preferences.
6. Click Save Settings (lower left).

Setup or Instructions For Different TRO Views
1. Lists of tasks per context are viewed by selecting the special view named "All Tasks" from the view menu (center top of the task list), then clicking on the contexts listed at the left side of the screen. Sort first by Star and then by Due Date. Alternatively, you may create special saved views for each of your major contexts like (Work) and (Personal).
2. Different TRO Views appear as different special Views at the view menu (center top of the task list).
3. TRO Unprocessed Tasks: Create a special view named "Inbox" or "Unprocessed" with contexts set to "all," Advanced options to: StartDateTime does not exist AND DueDateTime does not exist, Sort = Sort tasks by "Importance" and Descending.
4. TRO Hotlist: Select "Starred View" then click "Sort" (lower left of screen), then Sort tasks by "Created Date" set to Ascending.
5. TRO Weekly Review: Create a special view named "All Tasks" = contexts set to "all", click "Sort" then Sort tasks by "Importance" Descending, and Group by (lower left of screen) set to Group items by: Created Date Ascending with "This group expanded checked."

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