Using Get It Done to do GTD or TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization)

Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) is like GTD but more effective and easier to use. Here is how to create a TRO workflow with Get It Done, a browser-based task management system with mobile apps and cloud email integration.

GID is a flexible browser-based application with Android, iPod/iPhone, and iPad apps that syncs with each other. You can create a decent personal TRO system with Get It Done.

1. Has "Smart Groups" or saved searches based on tags and/or areas used.
2. Flexible Filtering.

1. Cannot assign a task to a group of people.
2. Needs familiarization and setup to effectively use with TRO.
3. Doesn't support automatic sorting.

How to Set up TRO with GID
Train using TRO with Get It Done by following these guidelines:

1. In the TRO Online Training System, select "Other task manager" to see detailed instructions and options for any task manager. (As you work through the training, you will choose the specific methods we're about the explain here.)
2. View and the link contents to become familiar with using GID.
3. Remember (or print) this list of jargon terms, which will help you use GID with TRO:

How to Process for TRO
Hard Date = Due Date
Unprocessed = Inbox (NOTE: must add tasks in the Inbox when you create them!)
Soft Date = Start Date, but automatically grouped by Focus (Today, Next, Tomorrow, Scheduled, Someday)
Do Today list (starred items) = Today
Next = (Optional) Tasks to be done later today or tomorrow, you can quickly add them here without fully processing them
Tomorrow = Tasks planned for tomorrow (add them here OR they move here automatically based on the Start Date)
Soft dates beyond tomorrow = Scheduled 
Someday/Maybe tasks = Someday
Major Context (only one) = Context
Minor Contexts (unlimited) = Tags

4. For your Unprocessed List, Select "All Areas" (upper left) then under "Focus," click "Inbox" (left of screen).
5. Add tasks you need to complete today to the hotlist by dragging and dropping these to "Today" (Under Focus, left of screen), or drag and drop to Next or Scheduled to add softdates This week or Next Week/This Month respectively.
6. Learn to use different views (Left of screen) and filtering them (what Areas and tags to show in each view).
7. When processing, assign a soft date last because this removes a task from the inbox.
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