Custom Toodledo Searches in TaskUnifier

I'm very happy with the training and the results.  The task manager I went with is Toodledo, and it's fantastic.  I do like offline access, however, and have been looking into TaskUnifier as a desktop front-end into Toodledo.  It actually works really well, except for one thing --

Has anyone been successful setting up the custom Toodledo searches (Unprocessed Tasks, TRO Hotlist, Weekly Review, etc) in TaskUnifier?  It seems it should be possible via the "Add Search" dialogue, but I just can't seem to be able to figure it out.  The terminology and tree structure is different than on the Toodledo website.



  • Actually, never mind.  I figured it out.
  • Glad you figured it out. Any tips on setting up Task Unifier saved searches for the rest of the community?
  • edited March 2013
    It's a lot to explain with just text, so here are some screenshots of the "Filters" tab in TaskUnifier's search setup dialog.  They show the most fiddly part.  I couldn't get the "Insert Image" button to work for some reason, and have listed some links below instead.

    Unprocessed Tasks
    TRO Hotlist
    Weekly Review

    One note about the TRO Hotlist -- I couldn't get the "due date was in the last 9999 days" filter to work right.  Task Unifier just kept showing everything with a hard date, and not stopping at 4 days in the future.  Perhaps it might work if we made another "and" branch ..... hmmm......I'll have to think about it more.  At any rate, just taking that particular filter out seems to still match Toodledo's search, so that's what I've done above.

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