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I purchased the self-training (no coaching time). I wrote an email to [email protected] 7 days ago... Since I got no response, I wrote an email to the coach I was assigned when starting the online training. This was 4 days ago, no reply so far.

Since I do not know if there might be a technical issue, I'm trying to ask here if anybody got my message...

Thanks in advance



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    Nico, I believe your assigned coach just replied to you directly. (Your email to your coach was sent prior to the weekend, which contributed to the delay.)

    Coach demand has been very heavy lately (good news, TRO is changing a lot of lives), so clients who paid for coaching (Premium Remote Coaching or 1/2 Day Premium or Basic Remote Coaching for example) must get first attention. Those clients also have Skype access to their coach for instant answers.

    However, anyone can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with their coach. The link for that is in the "welcome" email you receive from your coach within 24 hours of placing your order. Anyone can also call for a free 20-minute consultation. See the phone numbers at top right of most pages.

    ALSO, if you are self-training, you get fastest response by posting PUBLIC questions inside the Online Training at the bottom of any page. The question helps everyone that way, so they are answered first. :)
  • Hi!

    Thanks for your quick reply!
    Yes, I got reply from my assigned coach.

    Thanks for the hint, I'll try posting public questions :)



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