Trog Bar for Outlook 2013?

Is there any development since the 'coming soon' statement here last June?

I'm seriously hindered using TRO without a working Trog Bar for Outlook 2013.




  • I'm now using Outlook 2013 too. Thus, I've stopped using TROG Bar :-)
  • We've encountered complexities trying to upgrade Trog Bar to Outlook 2013. Microsoft is moving away from the desktop platform, so it is supporting new and more complex interfaces besides MAPI.

    We still hope for a clever solution for Trog Bar on Outlook 2013, but we don't have an answer yet. We are sorry for the delay.

    You don't need Trog Bar to get a great personal workflow. Outlook alone can be tough, so have you considered a cloud-based application with a great mobile app? Toodledo, Nozbe, GQueues, and (soon) Wrike are all good cloud-based apps that have TRO trainings available.

    NOTE: Outlook tasks still--after all these years--don't sync particularly well with mobile devices. That points us all more towards cloud-based solutions in the future. Microsoft simply isn't supporting Outlook tasks well outside Outlook, which makes us certain that Microsoft doesn't and won't take Outlook tasks seriously in the years to come.
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