Using another Toodledo field as a short list Soft Date instead of Start Date

One thing that has been bothering me as I go through the TRO training with Toodledo is soft dates being specific dates. I see me adjusting dates a lot and also seeing many soft dates sliding into the past.

I think using a "short list" Soft Date like Done Desk supports would work better for me. In the TRO training for Done Desk the short list option lets you choose between This Week, Next Week, This Month, or Someday. However I want to continue to use TaskUnifier/Toodledo. I was thinking of perhaps using Folder, Goal, Status, or even Location for this since these fields are not being used by TRO.

Anyone tried this approach?

I lean towards Folder because Folders can be customized and they are a simple drop down. Goals can be customized also, but in TaskUnifier you can can have more than one Goal so its more clicks to set them (in Toodledo they seem to work the same also). Status is appealing, but you can't customize it in Toodledo.

I'll add that TaskUnifier supports custom fields/columns, but those don't sync with Toodledo.

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