Tasksense can help you spend time on frequently neglected areas of your life

TaskSense can help you spend enough time on frequently neglected areas of responsibility. Use a category for all of these tasks, then, in your calendar set a recurring appointment with this category. TaskSense will focus you on these tasks at this time.

Many of these neglected responsibilities have appointments associated with them. Placing a "time allocation" appointment on the calendar, and later scheduling additional appointments during this time will clutter the calendar. To circumvent this, the Trog Bar introduces a new calendaring concept, the "Strategic Calendar." The Strategic Calendar is a separate calendar where time allocations can be placed. This provides the same benefits, but without the clutter. The Trog Bar will look at both your calendar, and your strategic calendar to determine what is best to work on.

See this article for information on setting up your Strategic Calendar if you have not done so yet:

Be careful with your strategic calendar. Don't drill too deep. Not every recurring appointment belongs on the strategic calendar. For example, exercise is something you DO, and is therefore an appointment, or a permanently scheduled task. You don't DO 'family' or 'personal' though. Use the strategic calendar to allocate time for family, personal, social, work, and other general areas of responsibility, then assign those categories to your tasks. Trog will start connecting your tasks to those blocks of time where they make sense.

Some examples:
 - Allocate time each evening for family in the strategic calendar.
 - Allocate time for school. Time could be allocated for specific classes if necessary, but avoid the temptation to place the class schedule in the strategic calendar. 'Go to class' is a doing thing, not an area of responsibility.
 - Place work hours on the strategic calendar. This will focus you on work during this time.
 - Schedule personal time on the strategic calendar. You can then schedule other related things, like reading or exercise, in this time on the main calendar.

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