15-Minute Coaching Session: Task Stress (need better title)

We're considering this as another "15-minute coach" session to help people get immediate relief.

Here is the general outline. Feedback is appreciated.
Coaches them on the following:
1) Stress comes NOT from the number of items you have to manage, but from juggling them, keeping them active in your mind. To eliminate the stress, put them into a system that will notify you at the appropriate time. Then forget about them until you are notified. You mind becomes clear.
2) If you're afraid to do this, you don't have a system you trust.
3) The TROG Bar can get you started now with a trustworthy system. Choose TRO as the system if you don't already use one. (Let them set the setting accordingly.)
4) Explain how tasks work using TRO methods ([start dates = hide until, ignore this in this session? Separate tip?], Due dates = loose goals, reminder dates = Do ON; reminders are a convenience and can be dismissed immediately)
5) Teach them how to quickly enter tasks in the scratchpad to get them off their mind. (Can they enter Due Date and Reminder Date in task pad?)
6) Teach them to look at Unprocessed list to "process" tasks that aren't scheduled yet.
7) Lead them through a mini mind dump (everything on their mind for Today, Tomorrow, the Next Day, This Week, Next week). They enter them all into the Task Pad.
8) Look at their list in Task Sense. Work off of their task list from now on.
9) They can forget about those tasks until the appropriate time.
10) How do you feel now?

This isn't a substitute for full TRO training. It does give you a head start, however.
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