How do I use Notes for tasks and projects?

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(Alternate title: How do I keep track of additional next steps for projects?)

(Note: This describes inline project/next step by typing it into the subject line of a task. Advanced, hierarchical project support is in development and will be released soon. Trog Bar users will automatically have the opportunity to opt in beta test the new feature when it is available.)

Here are best practices for task and project notes:

Next steps for a task should be stored at the top of the Notes for the task.
Save them in order, more-or-less, and you'll always have them handy when you finish one step and need to move to the next one. It helps to start each one with a dash and a space. You can even indent for sub-steps using the Tab key.

History for a task should be stored in the task notes, just below any next steps. Type the date first, followed by a colon.
This makes it easy to search for all notes on a given day. For example, search tasks for "4/5/07:" (include the colon, omit the quotes) and you'll see a list of tasks with comments for that date, so you can quickly see what work you did that day.

General information for a task or project goes at the bottom of the Notes for that task.

When you're done, task/project notes should look like this:


  • This post is 4 years old... Has the feature been developed in the meantime?
  • Trog Bar's Natural Project Management (totally flexible and simple hierarchy) feature is activated when you click the Next Steps tab in any task and opt in for preview features. Once enabled, it works for all tasks in the system and is amazingly easy to use.

    NPM is fully functional in Trog Bar, but technically it's still in Preview status for reasons that will be more clear when we make a major product announcement/release next month. All active, premium Trog Bar users will benefit from that announcement far into the future. Stay tuned...
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