Trog crashed. How do I help you fix this problem?

I was doing something in Trog and it crashed. How do I help you fix this problem?


  • Hopefully Trog created a crash report to send in. A screen should have popped up asking for your summary of what you were doing when it crashed, etc. If so, and if you sent the report in, thanks--our development team will look at that and fix it. Otherwise, if you didn't see it or it might not have been sent in, please follow these instructions to get it sent in to us ASAP:

    Thanks for helping us resolve this promptly!
  • Hi,

    I have many crashes / restart of TrogBar every day : btw 5 to 10 times / day.
    I've searched for the crash report but don't find any Click "Priacta Crash Reporter.exe" in C:\Program Files (x86)\Priacta\Trog Bar ?

    My TROG Bar version is 2010.3.4 AD and it's connected to Outlook 2010

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Attached is a screenshot of the bug

    Hope this helps ?
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    Which version of Outlook are you running? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Are you running with or without Exchange Server? If you are running with Exchange Server, have you tried deleting your .ost file and re-building the data? How large is your Outlook data file? (Find your .pst or .ost file and check.) 

    Answers to these questions will help us isolate the problem quickly and find a good solution for you.

    ~coach nate
  • Hi Support,

    Can you help me on this please ?
    This is really annoying and make me lose a lot of time :(

    Thank you so much
  • Looks like you already got the help you needed, directly via email. Trog Bar bug reports can be emailed directly to [email protected]

    The screen shot you sent shows a Windows crash report. That's unusual, usually Trog Bar generates it own, proprietary crach report that you can send us.

    For the benefit of others, this behavior is rare, but when we see it, changing the Trog Bar options helps a lot. Click [+] at upper right corner, click Other Settings, turn Preview features OFF and beta features ON. That seems to be the optimal setting for compatibility.
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