"Lock In" Trog Bar on the desktop

2 recent coaching clients want an option to lock the Trog Bar in the "open" position so it always appears. Essentially, the request is to shift the desktop over so Trog doesn't obscure the desktop, it just reduces its size.

One of them said that they have trouble remembering to check Trog Bar for tasks, so this will solve that issue for them. They both have plenty of screen real estate.


  • Can you please explain exactly how one "shifts the desktop over"?  (Windows XP)

    I like Trog Bar with the one BIG exception that I want to see it all the time.
  • Were looking into this right now. If all goes well, this should be an option soon. If we have to delay this, we'll let you know.
  • Mike,

    I've corrected the entry to read more clearly. We don't mean that the user can  oan or should shift the desktop. It has to be done by the program (it reserves space for itself, effectively reducing the size of the desktop). Development is looking into this as a high value option to add to the Trog bar.
  • We've added this for the next update. To use this feature you will have to turn on beta features in Trog. (See http://www.priacta.com/Support/Trog_FAQ.shtml#TrogBeta for more information on how this works.) If we don't get any major bug reports with this, we'll move it to the stable feature set.
  • Wow. This is a really cool feature. I didn't think I wanted it because of my smaller screen resolution (my big monitor died). I was wrong. I'm going to bite the bullet to install a new, larger monitor just so I can have Trog available all the time off to the side. It's going to be a big productivity boost. Thanks for a great, responsive job!
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