monkeyGTD (1.0 and 2.1)

I'm using monkeyGTD, the 2.1 alpha version ( This is a TiddlyWiki (TW) application, so it is extremely flexible, but it takes some getting used to. One of the benefits of TW apps is that they consist of a single html-file, thus very portable and universal.

I have pretty much no experience with other GTD software, but I like with mGTD because of it's flexibility. The main drawbacks I see are lack of integration with e.g e-mail and calendars, but also that it renders frustratingly slow once the app (i.e the html-file) grows to some 0.5 MB which is probably does fast for most people. A much awaited version 3 is supposed to deal with this latter issue and it's in development (and here's a preview: )
but as far as I understand it, it is only one guy working on it so it takes time. This guy is friendly and there is a friendly but semi-passive google group (GTD TiddlyWiki). Also, one BIG drawback for me is that it is not possible to use, yet, on a mobile device!

Frankly, although I love mGTD for its flexibility, I can feel I'm getting closer to turning elsewhere because of the aforementioned drawbacks. One thing holding me back is of course that I'd have to transfer all the data I already put into this system... :-\



  • We've been torn between listing monkeyGTD 2.1 alph and monkeyGTD 1.0.

    We only list beta software when it's a public beta and generally seen as very usable. We almost never list alpha software.

    Plus, the monkeyGTD blog states this:

    What version should I use?
    Monday, January 07, 2008

    The 1.0 is probably the least buggy. But it uses an old version of TiddlyWiki so if you're a TiddlyWiki user already you may find this frustrating. Also it has a few areas where it's not correct GTD wise, eg Someday/Maybe should be for Projects rather than Actions. The 2.x alpha is a much better design but it is quite slow if you have many projects and actions. And it has some very annoying bugs and it doesn't "instantly update", ie you have to click "refresh" to refresh lists. Also it doesn't have reminders like the 1.0 version has. The 3.0 is nowhere near finished so it's not an option. I would say the 2.x alpha is the best choice. But it's up to you.

    In light of the above, we've opted to continue reporting on version 1.0 until 2.1 stabilizes.
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