Using This Accountability and Help Area

Your own training and accountability path goes right here, in the
TRO Training Accountability and Help board.

Get feedback from other TROers and aspiring coaches. This public accountability can make a huge difference, increasing the pace and quality of your change. I respond here almost daily, too, especially as this brand new forum gets up and running. Free coaching. :-)

General questions about TRO go here instead:
TRO General Discussion

Getting Started

1) Create a new discussion thread with your name or username.
(Click "NEW POST" in blue near upper right corner of page.)

2) Take digital "BEFORE" pictures of your office space. Stand in the middle and snap images as you slowly rotate in one direction to get the whole picture. Phone cameras are fine, no need to be fancy.

3) Use an online image resizer like or to reduce your photos before uploading.

4) Post your "BEFORE" pictures here. It helps you get good, specific recommendations on office organization.
(To post, hit "Reply" in your topic, describe the photos, then click "Additional Options" underneath your reply. Use the "Attach" line to select each picture to upload, click "more attachments" for each additional photo. Then hit the "Post" button.)

5) Post training questions here and get answers from the community.

6) Post your goals here, then post daily to mark your progress. Others can/will join in to see how you're doing.

7) Post your "AFTER" photos here right after completing the office sweep, then again after the 21 days of accountability (when your overflow inbox is gone).

8) Daily, post the following metrics to this forum:
a) Control score (0%-100%, how "in control" of your time and tasks you feel right now);
b) Number of minutes it took you to do your Daily Review (should be 5 or less);
c) How much time spent processing/triaging since last report; and
d) Number of items in each of your approved collecting points.

More Help

For more direct coaching/support, contact us directly or upgrade your training.
You can get help with:
*  Difficult workflows and team needs
*  Setting up your tools
*  Via phone and remote connect to your computer
*  Stepping you through office sweep
*  Retiring sticky collecting points
*  One-on-one advice on tools and apps
*  System customization
*  Team and group workshops
*  Special situations

Any questions?


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