What ToDO

Name of product: What ToDO
Description: Straightforward Mac GTD application with .Mac support.
Main URL: http://www.objectivesatisfaction.com/what_todo/
Scanning URL: http://www.objectivesatisfaction.com/what_todo/
Is dedicated: true
OS(s) Supported: Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later
Other requirements:
Last Release Date: Unknown
Version Reviewed: 1.3
Last Verified Date: 2008-02-06
Commercial or Open Source or Freeware
Free version? Free trial (days not specified)
Premium version? Yes
Price(s) for premium version: $29
 Syncs with: .Mac, XML Export
 How does it sync .Mac: 2=manual sync, 3=auto sync (.Mac implies both)
 Categories: Single
 Dates: 1
 Reminders: N
 Auto-prioritization: No
 Project support: 3=hierarchical
 Schedule tasks into calendar none
Other Features Link: http://www.objectivesatisfaction.com/what_todo/
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