Journal Entries

I use Outlook's Journal capability to keep track of what I've actually done, throughout the day, for comparison against what I planned to do.

It would be really handy if I could press a button on the Trog Bar fly-out for a task, and be presented with a Journal window (either the standard Outlook one, or a cool Trog Bar remake, like you did with Tasks).

Of course, ideally, once I've saved/closed my Journal entry, the "Actual Time" field in my Task should get updated with the time logged in Journal... but, I wouldn't hold up the feature if this takes longer to implement, as I can imagine it would.


  • One of the features that we've been considering seriously is a toolbar for this window. This would allow us to add a lot of extra buttons (like this one) to provide some of the functionality that is missing here at the moment.

    I've added your journal button to the list of buttons that we should implement.
  • By the way, I thought I would mention that I went ahead and paid for the Trog Bar, today, primarily because your responsiveness to the comments in this forum impressed me very much...  :)
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