Disable Auto Hide (Option to behave like a normal window)

I'd like to see an option to disable auto-hide. I'm running on a UMPC, with a 4" screen, so I tend to operate in a very modal manner. When I'm managing tasks, I'd prefer to have Trog Bar locked open, rather than hiding and popping out over and over again, while I process tasks, etc.

Another option, along these lines, that would be handy for me, would be letting me tap an icon (either on my desktop, in my quick launch, or in the taskbar notification area) to show/hide the bar.


  • Good comment. I think this means the bar should just have an easy on/off option to behave like a normal window. The option should be on the front panel somewhere, a toggle button.

    (This is different than the new option to carve space out of the desktop so Trog is always open.)

    There is an icon in the desk tray to open Trog Bar now. That doesn't address your whole need, however.
  • I would also like to be able to drag the width of the bar, without having to open the options dialog and enter a width measurement... whether it's in auto-hide mode or not.
  • Yes, the ability to drag and resize has also been discussed, and we almost did it once, but then we changed course...I can't remember what we did instead. This is on the feature list, we'll probably slip it into one of the next releases.
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