Missing appointments for today

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I seem to be experiencing a bug in which I don't see all of my appointments for today in the list of appointments in trogbar.  I don't yet know the repro steps for this but it seems quite real (e.g., I was just looking at it and it showed about half of my appointments for today). 

Known issue?


  • David,

    It's possible this is a known issue, but we'd like more information to be sure. By any chance, are the appointments in question:
    1) Exceptions to recurring appointments? and
    2) Visible in the Trog Bar calendar (just not in the appointment list)?

    Exceptions occur when an instance of a recurring appointment is moved to another day or time. For the error to appear, the exceptions may have to be created on a prior day for today, as opposed to exceptions created today for today.

    You'll notice exceptions to recurring appointments because they have a double-arrow circle with a slash through them when you view them in the Trog Bar pop-out calendar or in Outlook's calendar.

    Please check and give us any additional details you can. Thank you for the report. Thanks!
  • I saw this again today several times.  I saw it with multiple appointments.

    They are no exceptions to recurring appointments (most of them anyway; not sure abotu all).  And they are absolutely in the trog bar calendar. 
  • OK, this is helpful information. I'm pointing the attention of development to this to get on the docket for an upcoming update. We really, really appreciate you help tracking this down.
  • I have screen shots if you want them
  • Yes, screen shots would be helpful, thanks.
  • Hi,
    I too seem to be suffering with this issue.

    When I use the popout calander on Trog I can see my appointments, however items are not displayed in the actual Trog bar.

    (My strategic calender apointments so appear here.)
  • Here's a little screenie also...

  • Thanks for the screen shot.

    It looks like, at least for the day in question, everything from the main calendar is missing from the appointment list. Is this always the case, or just today?

    Can you think of anything special about the folder that holds your calendar in Outlook?
  • This seems to happen a few times during the day, Usually it starts of working fine, then I notice that they are missing later in the day.

    If I add a new appointment, the new appointment is populated in Trog Bar... but not the missing ones... If I restart TROG they are back. (They are back now crossed out as the time has passed, I did restart Trog)

    Ok... just been playing... I also use Google Calander Sync.... Just forced it to SYNC and my appointmens went missing! :) So thats probably the cause!

    Now... can that be fixed? :S
  • Wow, it's great to know the cause! We'll see if this allows us to reproduce this, and if so, we'll try to have this fixed in the next update.
  • I have a recurring exception that is not showing up. Is this by design?
  • No, it is a bug. We'll fix it.
  • Was this bug ever fixed? I am experiencing the same problem still now.

  • Well I dont see any of the entries for the missing servers in the registry.  Only the couple I have added since then.  So I am guessing they are just gone somewhere for some reason or other.  Thanks anyway.
  • ??? D.optog, I'm not sure I understand what you just said. Could you clarify?
  • I have this same issue.  I don't do any google syncing by the way.

    The one that is missing today is an "invitation" that I accepted from a co-worker.  It is missing from the appointment list at the top of the trogbar but it DOES show up in the pop-out calendar if I hover over the appointment list.

    Hope you track this one down.  Missing appointments I've made with co-workers isn't likely to give me bragging rights about how much I love TRO :-)
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