Warren Bain - Self Training

I started trialling the TROG Bar about a week ago and like the approach so much that I crawled all over the Priacta site and decided to get the TRO Field Guide.  As I am in Sydney and a self-starter, I have decided to go the self-training route.

Field Guide has been shipped and should be here in about a week.  I am going on holidays and will be back ready to start in earnest in early May.


  • Here are the BEFORE photos of my home office (I am an IT consultant who works 40% of the time from home and 60% on client sites).

  • Warren,

    Excellent! Good starting point. Creating a PUBLIC training thread for yourself really increases accountability. You'll do well.

    Let us know when you've worked through Chapter 4 of the Field Guide. Post questions here as you go.
  • Kevin,

    I have just worked my way to the end of Chapter 7.  I really couldn't find a two day block so I just did it over a week by keeping at it for 2 hours at a time.  Big finish today (3 hours this morning) and my work place is looking better - apart from all those in-boxes!
  • Great pictures. I'm glad you shared them. How does it feel so far?

    The next chapter in the TRO Field Guide covers setting up your personal filing system. Those desk trays are really extensions of your central, backbone filing system. All of it is based on the principle that you'll file often and retrieve infrequently, so filing should be as fast as possible. If retrieving takes a little longer (sometimes you have to look in a couple of folders), that's OK, because you still save tons of time.

    Keep us posted.
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