Trogbar's "Today" task list empty

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Version Running - 2008.3.14 AD

My "Today" list is always empty though I have many tasks set under the start date for today. All of my settings (Start Date, Due Date, Reminder) are set for TRO. Also, it looks like TaskSense Now is only focused on one of my categories (lists as "TaskSense Now - [Category]." This used to work fine a couple weeks ago. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.


  • If your dates are set for TRO settings then the Today list will be keying off of the Reminder field (listed as the "Do At Time" or "Do On Date" if you have the 2008.4.10 version.) If none of your tasks have that date set, then your list will be empty. The start date is only used to hide tasks until a specific date, but will not cause things to show in the "Today" list. This behavior WILL change depending on your settings. If you are using the start date to set the day that you are doing the task, you should change your settings in the options screen to reflect that.

    If TaskSense has honed in on a specific category it is probably because you have some seriously neglected tasks in there, and no strategic calendar. The strategic calendar assists TaskSense in deciding what categories you want to work on at what times. Without one, TaskSense tries to find areas of your life that are getting neglected and focus you on those. Sometimes just running through the list and setting new dates on those tasks is enough to get TaskSense to move on.
  • I think we may need to rename the "Today" list. A number of new Trog Bar users were befuddled by that list name.

    A better name might be "Must Do Today" or "Required to Do Today". These are the things you scheduled with "hard" dates instead of Loose Goal Dates.

    What does everyone think?
  • I think that may be too long to read. When we renamed "Recent" to "Recently Changed" I found it harder to navigate suddenly. It means you have to read the whole title to understand it.

    Perhaps the rules for this filter are just wrong and it should use all dates. The stuff with "hard" dates will still sort above the soft dates.
  • I think BugSlayer's idea would match along the lines of the "Today" list a bit better.
  • Has this bug been fixed?  I still have a problem with displaying the "Do Today" item list.  IF, I enable the Beta/Preview features, none of my "Do Today" items show up (these items have the reminders set for today)

    IF, I disable the Beta/Preview features, I can see the "Do Today" items.

    I really enjoy the project management abilities of the Trog Bar, and hate to lose one functionality for the other.

    PS-I'm using v. 2009.11.19 in Vista/Outlook 2007
  • Yes, we believe we understand what caused this. We found a bug that COULD have caused it, based on the contents of your task list, and we've fixed it.

    We've been doing internal testing and testing with limited clients for the last week and have worked out the last of the kinks. The plan is to release an update today.
  • Got the update and it is working great!  Thanks for getting this bug worked out... keep up the great work.

    I'm becoming quite addicted to Trog Bar keeping me 'on target'.
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