Feature Request

I'm loving the new Project support in the Preview release.
A couple of wish list items though.
Would be great to easily translate a "Project" to a Someday. Often, once I check off all the tasks related to a project, I don't want to delete it, but rather "Park" it for a later date. Simply changing it to Someday doesn't work, as it has tasks associated with it.
Also, I have come to rely of Trog Bar's Scratchpad to capture many things. That sometime includes loose bits of ideas and info that may not be related to a project. To date I've tagged them as "Reference" using a category and then designating that category as "Parked".
I would love to be able to send or those items to Onenote.


  • I'm glad it's working out for you. We're working on some framework changes that will allow us to handle the data more powerfully than we have so far, which will address both of your requests.

    In the mean time, if you want to park a task, make sure all incomplete steps are on hold. This will stop them from showing up in the list. When you unpark it you will have to decide again which steps you want to work on.

    The One Note idea is a good one. This should be possible in the not so distant future. The framework changes we are working on lay the groundwork for this.
  • Thanks
    If I put the tasks on hold, they don't show up on the list, but the related Project does show up.
  • Oops! We've logged this as a bug and will get it fixed. Sorry. The OTHER other workaround would be to assign the someday category to the live tasks.
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