Change display (auto-hide) function?

It appears that the TROG Bar display options only provides auto-hide a pop-out or always visible. Neither of these options meets my needs. When I work in full screen mode on say a spreadsheet, the bar keeps popping out (on the left) at inappropriate moments. Being right handed, having it pop-out from the right just doesn't seem correct. Having it always on screen is not an option--too much real estate.

Is there a way to disable the auto-hide feature so the bar doesn't pop out with a mouse gesture, but allow the bar to be displayed and hidden at will. For example, a hot-key sequence displays the bar and either esc or another hot-key sequence hides the bar.

Please don't use the Win key. In fact, would you eliminate the Win key from current hot-key sequences. My notebook doesn't have that key and I don't want to add keyboard customization software to mimic the Win key.



  • This is sort of possible. You can increase the popout delay in the options screen to something nice and high. This should prevent the Trog Bar from popping out when you don't want it to. You can still get at it by clicking the tray icon, or with a hotkey.

    The default hotkey uses the win key, however, this CAN be customized in the registry. If you will tell me what key combination you want to use I can post detailed instructions on how to make this change. We DO need to add an easy way to customize the hot-key configuration (this is planned already.)
  • No need for a special hot-key if a fix is already in progress.  I found an external keyboard with a Win key, so I can use it when my laptop is docked which is most of the time. And setting the delay to 3500 gives enough time to move the mouse.

    As for try icons, I like to hide them so as not to get distracted. Only have icons that have meaningful messages/colors visable. More room for quick launch. Keyboard shortcut is better.

    Thanks for the reply.

    PS What I really need is either a 28" monitor or dual 19" monitors for more screen real-estate. Then can keep TROG open all the time...
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