Strange issues with projects, steps, and unprocessed tasks listing.

edited December 1969 in Trog Bar Beta and Preview Disc
When a Processed Task has Steps that have not been categorized, viewing the Task, then moving to another task causes TrogBar to prompt to save changes, even though nothing has changed.

Somehow, through apparently another bug, steps were allowed to be added to a task (Project) but TrogBar did not create those steps as their own new task (for later be processing). Is this the correct behavior? Are steps allowed to be added but not listed as a new task, until the previous step is complete? Or the step is double-clicked?

I'm a little unclear on how "Projects" really work but it seems like some things need to be ironed out. Please let me know.


  • Yes, there are some issues with the project feature right now. That is why it is released only as a preview feature, because, as you say, there are some things to iron out.

    The prompt to save is a bug, but not a major one. The system incorrectly believes that the record was modified, but you can't cause any damage to the records. It is just an annoyance. If you want you can click the "Always" button to prevent you from seeing this prompt in the future. We have added this to the bug list and will have it fixed soon.

    The behavior with steps not being created is by design. Steps that are "on hold" are suppressed from the system. Once all of your "ready" steps are complete the project will be placed back in the unprocessed list where you will need to mark one or more steps as "ready." There has been a little concern about possible confusion with this. How could we have made this less confusing for you?
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