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I am a 10 month GTDer struggling to get it together. I did OK for about 3 months then the whole thing fell apart when I lost the discipline. I just could not get it going again. I am having a very difficult time managing email and projects in general. I stumbled across the PRIACTA product and support a week ago.  It makes sense to me. I have downloaded the TROG bar and purchased the self training system. I recieved the book yesterday. I have schedualled a time to "do" the office 3 weeks out. I have a list of items to purchase (inbox, dividers, folder, etc) this week. I have some vacation time planned and intend to bring the book along as light reading. I will post my OFFICE BEFORE pictures in a few days (after I clean up a little  ;))


  • Aw, c'mon Doug... posting your pictures AFTER you clean up a bit? That's cheating.   ;D

    Seriously, I look forward to seeing your progress.
  • Doug,

    How did it go on collecting and sweeping your office?
  • OK, Its been 180+ days and I am giving this another try... no, I am going to do it this time!  No excuses.
    I have ordered hanging folders, regular folders, new label machine, tape, stacking trays and in-box.
    I have photos to post but "insert image" does not seem to work. When I figure it out or it gets fixed I will post them.

    I have blocked off Monday to collect and sweep my office.
  • Posting photos icon does not appear to be working. When clicking the "insert image" icon it does not provide a dialog box but I get this "[ img ][ /img ]". What am I missing? I have attached photos using the "attach" under additional options. Am I missing something  :-)

    These photos are embarrassing!
  • So I carved out the time to get most of my stuff into the "inbox" and cleaned out the drawers. Not 100% yet.  I have a huge pile in the "inbox" and a few stacks elsewhere. Feeling pretty good about this. It is nice to come into a clean desk. I have my reference files set up too. There is nothing in them presently.
    At the moment I am concerned about dealing with the piles of stuff that needs processing. My tasks process is pretty broken and I know I am missing important commitments I have made. I plan to talk to a coach here soon to get some help before this falls apart.
  • Nice! It feels good to get the office clean and all your tasks onto the conveyor belt, doesn't it?

    You can safely pause for a FEW days with a pile in your Inbox because during TRO Training you separated out the 2-week items from the longer-term items. As a stopgap measure, just make one pass through your paper in the "hot" pile each morning and work from that.

    This is terrible time management normally, but it works well on a short-term basis as you prepare for the rest of the training.
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