Project - a couple of requests

I really like the new Projects feature. However there are a couple of issues for me:

The task list has all the new tasks at the bottom. Can it be sorted so that completed tasks are at the bottom instead.

Reviewing projects is difficult. I want to be able to go through each project in turn to review its status. Can you have some method of switching between task sense and alphabetical order on the Project view?


  • The default position is a bug. It is supposed to behave more like you suggest. We'll look into this.

    On your other issue, there has been some discussion about extending the sorting possibilities. We've already started writing some of the groundwork required to make this possible.
  • Greg,

    One more comment. The "Projects" feature is a preview feature (pre-beta) at present, which is made public specifically to get feedback on user interface issues like this. Your comments are appreciated and will be used to guide development.
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