4 days in and things are feeling better

I am now 4 days into TRO training.  I have posted my pictures below before organizing my office for the TRO system. 

I kept a fairly clean office before the training.  My mind was the messiest part - so many ideas and tasks floating around all the time. 

TROG has been a godsend.  It is a little scarry at first, but the more experience you get the more faith you have.  It is nice to be able to capture all your thoughts, ideas, and tasks in one place instead of trying to juggle all of them yourself. 

I really have to commend Kevin for his help.  At first, I contemplated completing the training without the aid of a coach - that would have been a mistake.  Kevin has been very responsive and provided some critical advice that has supplemented and complemented the field guide perfectly!


  • I think people aren't sure why having a coach makes such a difference, so thanks for your comments about that and thanks for your feedback. We appreciate you keeping us all posted here!
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