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I am in Lesson 4, and I have created my "before" pictures.  The Forum was down for maintenance so I put them on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/orcmid/3143555792/in/set-72157611703040405/.

Afterwards, I realized that I did not photograph the drawers and cabinet beneath what I call my media table.  I also neglected the storage room that is behind my office and has lots of junk, such as defunct computer gear in their original boxes ready for return and recycling.

I am adding those pictures to the Flickr set today.

I may add them to my thread here once I find out how to be other than a guest and determine that my pictures are already small enough to upload.

 - orcmid


  • I have uploaded the additional photos to my Flickr "Productivity" set.  I think I will leave them there.

    Meanwhile, I am still operating without an activation e-mail or an Username here.  I understand it is separate from the account I used to purchase the TROG Tool Bar, and wonder if the free over for the online course failed to kick out an authorization.  (I just hope my cookie doesn't expire before this is all figured out.)
  • Dennis,

    Which activation email(s) is/are missing?

    If Trog Bar, check your Junk Mail folder. The registration key emails end up there not infrequently. Let your spam filter know that email from priacta.com is OK. (We don't spam people.)

    Or are you having some trouble accessing the Online Training System past the free Basic Training?
  • 1. I received my TROG registration key right away on 12-26.  It worked just fine.  I also received a repeat e-mail of it on Monday, 12-29.

    2. I signed up for the free Premium Online Training before I registered my TROG.  I was able to apply a training credit, and I am in Lesson 4 right now.  But I don't have an "activation email" that is mentioned on the Forum Sidebar under User Options.  When I say I miss it, the system doesn't know me as [email protected] (what I think I gave it), as orcmid, or as "Dennis Hamilton."  So I have to be here as a Guest. 

    3. I don't know where the free basic ends, so I can't answer that question.  When I am in the course, my progress is checked off against an outline that goes to lesson 22.  I was also able to download the PDF for my combination (Outlook, Trog, and Windows Mobile 5/6).

    4. If my cookie on the on-line course expires, I don't know that I will have a way to log in there either.
  • 5. I do have an account according to the online course.  When I go to the Edit Account selection it has my first and last name and the e-mail address that you see.  So I expect that it has the password that I chose also.  But the forum here does not know me.
  • I have chosen the 3-day training, to be carried out on January 1-3, 2009.  I work at home, so this is a perfect use of the holiday break.

    I have organized my desk surface and my computer system is already set up.  I have a file box with transparent hinged cover beside my desk and have started using that as a way to keep projects handy while my desk surface is less cluttered.  I anticipate improvement, maybe in expanding circles from my desk, as I move ahead into the training.

    So I am at the ready for starting the New Year with a dive into this training.
  • 1. Good. The repeat email was sent to a few people because a bug was found which might have prevented a few of the keys from being sent. Registrations that might have been affected were resent, just in case.

    2. We'll look at this, but it is most likely that a spam filter intercepted your email. Spam filters occasionally stop legitimate emails, and some spam filters exist at a level where you have no control over them. We run into problems like this on occasion with Trog Bar registrations.

    3. You have full access to the Premium Training. We're looking at how we can communicate better to eliminate the confusion surrounding this.

    4. The online training uses a totally separate system from the forum. No email verification is required (yet, we may add this in the future.) You shouldn't have any problem logging back into the training.

    5. The forum login is separate from the training system login, which is again separate from the store login. We want to integrate these eventually, but for now they are all separate accounts. Sorry.
  • Thanks,

    I guess I'll see if I can register for the forum then.  I thought it wouldn't let me do it.

    The course is allowing me to move through the Premium lessons, so that seems OK.
  • I have succeeded in registering for the Forum as well as with the store and the TRO online course.  OK, that feels better.  Thanks again.
  • Good! Keep us posted on your progress, and how "in control" you feel as you work through the training...
  • I did great through Day 1 of the 3-day approach.  I stalled starting Day 2, then interrupting it incomplete.  Naturally, there were some urgent matters that got in the way.  I am diving back into Lesson 2 again, and may need to review some of the bits to restore my momentum.  I still have the 20 unprocessed tasks to play with (not to mention the new ones I created over the past couple of days).

    I have cleared some workspace areas and I am working with the inbox and the A-Z pretty well.  I don't have to triage my desktop inbox for a while, but it is freeing having it there.  I have also started not handling things if I can just record an unprocessed task instead.

    OK, back to recovering my Day 2 work ...
  • orcmid,

    I think you'll find it easy to pick up right where you left off. The training isn't a treadmill, fortunately. Don't backtrack. If you run into something you don't remember well, use the navigation menu at the left to zoom in and review that one thing.

    Keep us posted!
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