Office 2007 Performance Issues?

Microsoft has recently released Service Pack 2 for Office 2007, addressing some stability and performance issues and other fixes. For more information on the updates included with the Service Pack, visit here:
Service Pack 2 is available for download, and is fully tested and supported by Microsoft and the Office Team.

Some changes that were made to increase the performance of Office 2007 have to do with the way Outlook reads and writes data from the disk. Due to the changes, your PST and OST files will increase in size approximately 20%. There is a way to disable this feature if you wish to save space, but hopefully you have the extra space to utilize this new feature. For more info on disabling the feature, visit here:

Another feature that has been added to Outlook 2007 is the way Outlook shuts itself off. In the past it has relied on other programs on your computer to shut Outlook down, sometimes causing hangups. With the new change, Outlook ensures that the request to end the program is honored. It should not affect the way most addons work with Outlook, but some may need to have minor tweaks.

You can now download Service Pack 2 if you do not have automatic updates turned on. If you have automatic updates, you don't need to worry about this, as windows will automatically download and install it for you! Just make sure your automatic updates include Office.
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