Problem with distribution list

I just upgraded my computer and copied over the Trog Bar and Outlook, etc.  Now when I try to send an email to a distribution list in my Contacts I get the message "Microsoft Office Outlook does not recognize "BNI"".  Very perplexing!

Roy Lambertson


  • Roy,

    This isn't a Trog Bar issue, it's an Outlook setup issue. Outlook is not configured to check the correct address book when sending the message. To resolve that, do a Google search for your exact error message (leave out the "BNI" part) and you'll find some good advice quickly.

    It seems to me that sometimes I've had to edit and "Refresh" the distribution list too, after a reinstall of Outlook. Give that a try.

    If this doesn't help enough, get a half hour of Priacta tech support and we'll track it down for you. If it does turn out to be a Trog Bar problem (inconceivable, in my opinion) there will be no charge.
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