Feature Request: Web Application

I like the TROG bar - but would love to see it linked to a web application with a full screen overview.  This would also allow me to access while away from my machine.

Two web apps that I really like for the visual layout are:


Both are very visual and help to clearly see tasks.  I would love to see a TROG web app with a visually please display


  • We've considered this before but we keep deciding not to pursue it. The primary problem is that it essentially doubles the amount of work required to update, enhance, and maintain Trog Bar.

    We probably won't make a web application any time soon, however, some time ago we started a development branch that changes the way Trog stores it's data. This branch is incomplete, and hasn't been worked on in a while, but we hope to finally complete it soon. When fully completed this will allow us to synchronize with various other data, including many web apps.
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