Additional Software to Support Outlook on Handheld

At the bottom of Page 30 of my TRO Field Manual (TROG bar, Outlook, Outlook, Mobile 6) it states:

Decide on additonal software to support Outlook with your handheld. (Optional [US $0 to $70])

Some smart phones do not synch Outlook Tasks or categories properly, and additional software is needed.

How would one know if the mobile device (HTC Mogul running Mobile 6) requires additional software?

Are you referring to such applications as Pocket Informant or Agenda One or ???


  • Good question. Windows Mobile 5 & 6 both sync tasks with Outlook and Trog Bar via ActiveSync or (preferably) Exchange Server.

    Both WM 5 & 6 also have the same built-in task list (Outlook for Pocket PC). It handles a small number of tasks tolerably, and TRO Online training will tell you how to see those tasks when you need them on the road.

    That built-in tasks list works well for most people, since they either don't need tasks on their PDA or they have few enough tasks that the built-in task list is good enough.

    However, if you have a lot of tasks and need to see them on the road ON YOUR PDA and you prefer to not drag and drop them into your calendar in the morning, then consider extra software. Agenda Fusion 8 (see our Resident Geek Review here) or Pocket Informant are good options. See our GTD Software Comparison list for other ideas.
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