Not getting all emails on Blackberry since installing TROG bar.

I close the TROG bar, and shut down outlook when I leave my office for extended times.  When I come back and open outlook back up, I will have emails in my inbox that I never received on my blackberry but should have.

Any ideas, suggestions or better way to make sure I get my emails on my blackberry when away from the office?



  • Trog Bar should not affect this, especially since Trog Bar is off when the issue happens.

    What email service(s) are you using? Is it running through BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Exchange Server? Did you adjust or consolidate your emails into one mailbox as part of your TRO training? I'll bet an email configuration change is to blame.

    For example, in Gmail there is a feature called Recent Mode that ensures that you get all emails all the time on all devices. If you don't use that mode, you could end up skipping emails on some devices. I'm wondering if something like that is to blame here, even if you're not using Gmail. See this article for Gmail-specific details:

  • Thanks Kevin.  The article was helpful.  I will try those suggestions out and report back if the issue persists.
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