Annual/Recurring appointments missing in outlook

I looked in the forum and saw there was a bug last year about recurring and annual tasks.

All of my recurring appointments such as birthdays are no longer showing on outlook in any month.

They are still on my blackberry.  I have synced several times but they still won't show on outlook, just my blackberry.

Have you seen this before and is there anything I should do different or steps to take to correct?


  • I don't see any Trog Bar bugs with annual appointments, specifically, reported anywhere in the forums. There is one open issue where some systems DO show all appointments in the Trog and Outlook calendars but some appointments do not appear in the appointment summary at the top of the bar. Development has that near the top of their list to fix.

    If annual appointments are not showing in OUTLOOK but they do appear on your Blackberry, then you probably have an Outlook/Blackberry sync issue. I don't see how Trog Bar could affect that. Some discussion threads on other forums about Blackberry/Outlook sync issues my help. See this thread, read the comments especially, as some of the comments describe something like what you're seeing, and they try various fixes: Mobile/thread?tid=1f89d6b6a92e036f&hl=en

  • Thanks as usual Kevin.  I appreciate the help even though it doesn't seem to be Trog related.  For some reason my outlook and Blackberry have had a couple strange incidents coincidentally right around when I started using Trog.

    I love the program and have tried most of them out there.  This is the only one that has worked for me and I am getting way more done than ever before.

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