What do I do next/first to get organized?

want everything to be perfect before starting organizing. Huh
getting caught in the trap of not knowing where to start. (organizing my old mail, before that i should reinstall everything before that i should organize my files, before that i should consider buying a new pc, before that i should consinder using vista, before that i should check if all my hardware is compatible before that..

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  • All those things may be important, but they are really part of a single project: Get organized. Instead of worrying about it all at once, put that project in your task list and schedule the SINGLE BEST next step.

    The single best next step is to get the TRO Online Training system (very inexpensive) or more advanced training, because it will step you through all remaining steps of getting organized, including everything you mention, IN THE RIGHT ORDER. It will all get handled, one short lesson at a time, if it really matters. You will decide if it matters at the right time.

    Note: New operating systems and so forth are sometimes useful, but they won't organize you. New habits will. Learn the new habits on what you already know, and you will be organized using any tools, anywhere.
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