Lorraine - Self-training

Here are my "before" pics. I'm not a business person, per se, I'm an artisan, mostly beadwork. This room is my combination office and studio. Also, I have a little four-legged furry morale-booster that you probably wouldn't see in most traditional offices.


  • The rest of my "before" pics.
  • Thanks for posting them. Let us know what it looks like after your office sweep.
  • Here's my office after the sweep. I didn't include the studio portion this time because that stayed virtually the same. The green cart and waste baskets on top are my overflow in-basket.

    This looks and feels better. I'm excited to get on with the rest.
  • Very nice. It's especially good that you included pics before/after of your drawers.

    Don't stop here. Keep working through the training and be sure to start the 21-day follow-up in the Accoutability lesson. Very important for creating permanent habits!
  • In Lesson 11, the Setting the Categories section, it says, "S/M is both a home and schedule, so you are done. This task is processed: no need to enter a date."

    The tasks that I've assigned to the S/M category are still showing up as unprocessed in my Trog Bar. Shouldn't they be gone from the unprocessed task list?
  • Yes, it should. Go to Options(+ icon)->Categories & Contacts. Make sure that the category you used is in your list of Someday/Maybe/Parked categories.
  • Thank you; that solved the problem. I must have missed the instructions about putting categories into the list of S/M/P categories. Where was that?
  • Actually, a pretty complete list of Someday/Maybe/Parked categories should be filled-in automatically when you install Trog Bar. Was your list blank? Or did you create a special category for Someday Maybe?

    The default list is:

        S/M, S\M, Someday/Maybe, Someday\Maybe, and Templates

    ("Templates" is a special category for project records you will use over and over, like a client/sales follow-up process.)

    Was your S/M category something other than one of these?
  • The tasks that remained unprocessed were ones I had categorized with S/M plus a second category. When I added that second category to the Someday/Maybe list, then they showed as processed. So I'm assuming that whenever I want to put a S/M task into a second category as well, I need to make sure the second category is on the S/M list in options. Is that right?
  • This shouldn't be necessary. Can you reply with a screenshot of a task with two categories?
  • Right. This may be a bug in the version of Trog Bar you're using. Make sure you have the latest version, which is found here:


    Once Trog Bar leaves beta the final update will be pushed out to all active Premium Registration users.
  • Lorraine,

    I need to clarify that if this is a bug, we will need that screen shot Bug Slayer asked for. We need to see what you are seeing to figure this out.

  • One more clarification: Sometimes we enter two categories for a task but forget to put a comma between them (in the 2008 version of Trog Bar, or a comma or Enter in the new version):

    S/M Errands

      instead of

    S/M, Errands

    To Trog, the first one is ONE category: "S/M Errands". It does not see that in the list of Someday/Maybe/Parked tasks, so it does not know to hide it.

    The fix in that case is to edit the categories and add the comma for any tasks entered like that, then restart Trog Bar to refresh the categories list.
  • A screenshot would still be really useful, even if Kevin's post fixes your problem. This would allow us to see exactly what you did and figure out how the software could communicate better.
  • I'm sorry, I went ahead and downloaded the new version of Trog Bar without doing a screen shot of the problem in the old version. I didn't realize that you'd need it to figure out anything but my own problem.

    I'll be sure to always put a comma or Enter between two categories. Thanks.
  • No problem :)
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